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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: anything that indicates the presence or existence of a fact, event, quality, or tendency; indicator; indication.
He gave the boy a pat on the head as a sign of approval.A fever is often a sign of illness.A light on upstairs was a sign that his father had come home.
indication, manifestation, mark, symptom
similar words:
evidence, stamp, token
definition 2: a conventional mark or symbol that stands for a word or for the thing or process signified by the word.
The minus sign indicates subtraction.
definition 3: a printed direction, advertisement, warning, or the like, usu. mounted on a surface or on an upright support.
Did you see the speed limit sign back there?They put a help-wanted sign in the store window.The sign said to turn left for the hospital.
similar words:
banner, notice, placard, signal
definition 4: a gesture or expression intended to communicate a meaning; signal.
The catcher gave a sign to the pitcher.
indication, signal
similar words:
gesture, motion
definition 5: something that indicates a future event or condition.
Returning birds are signs of spring.
augury, forerunner, harbinger, herald, prognostic
similar words:
portent, precursor, promise
definition 6: a remaining indication; trace.
There were no signs of anyone having been in the cabin.
evidence, indication, trace, vestige
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: signs, signing, signed
definition 1: to write one's name on, usu. as a closing to a letter or to certify an agreement.
She signed the contract.The documents are ready, but they haven't signed them yet.
subscribe, undersign
similar words:
autograph, endorse, initial, inscribe, notarize, underwrite, witness
definition 2: to write (one's name), usually in cursive writing.
He signs his name so neatly!
subscribe, write
similar words:
autograph, inscribe
definition 3: to communicate with by means of a sign or signs.
She signed to her friend that she was going out to use the phone.
similar words:
beckon, flag, motion, signal
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to write one's name, esp. as an indication of agreement or acceptance.
You need to sign on this line.
definition 2: to make a sign or signal.
Their child was born deaf, so both parents are learning how to sign.The coach signed to the quarterback to call for a time out.
similar words:
beckon, gesture, nod, semaphore, wave
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