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bIz nihs
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the work that a person does to earn money; profession.
What business are you in?He bought a new suit for business.
career, job, occupation, position, profession, trade, vocation, work
similar words:
craft, living, task
definition 2: the activity of buying and selling goods or services in order to make money.
He wants to go into business with a partner.
definition 3: an organization that sells goods or services in order to make money.
She owns two businesses. One is a gift shop, and the other is restaurant.
company, establishment, firm, office, shop, store
similar words:
agency, corporation, enterprise, team
definition 4: the amount of buying and selling within a period of time.
Business was bad last year.
commerce, trade
definition 5: a duty, concern, or interest.
Don't ask me about that. It's none of your business.
affair, concern, problem, responsibility
similar words:
case, duty, function, issue, obligation, task
definition 6: the buying and selling activities of organizations, or the activities of customers in relation to these organizations.
Our company does a lot of business with foreign companies.I enjoy doing business at my bank.
Word Builder: business +
  • businessman:
    a man who works in business.
  • businesswoman:
    a woman who works in business.
  • businessperson:
    a person who works in business.
Word Explorer
broader category that includes business
similar to business
some actions of a business
some descriptions of businesses
some kinds of businesses
some negative actions of businesses
some parts of a business
some people associated with businesses
some places associated with business
some things used in businesses
Word Parts
The word business contains the following part:
-ness Old English noun-forming suffix that means state or quality of
Show wordsHide wordsMore about this word part:
The suffix -ness is attached to adjectives to form nouns. It is fully productive, meaning that any word that combines an adjective and the suffix -ness is an allowable English noun. In a small set of cases, it is attached to a verb (forgiveness) or a noun (witness ).