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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an automobile.
auto, automobile, motorcar
similar words:
buggy, cab, convertible, coupe, crate, hack, hackney, heap, hot rod, jalopy, limo, limousine, rattletrap, roadster, runabout, sedan, taxi, taxicab, vehicle
definition 2: a vehicle that runs on rails, such as a streetcar or railroad car.
similar words:
cable car, caboose, coach, diner, Pullman, sleeper, smoker, streetcar, tram, trolley
definition 3: an enclosure for carrying people, as in an elevator or balloon.
similar words:
balloon, cab, cable car, elevator, tram, trolley
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Word History
The word car comes from a word used by ancient Romans long before the automobile was invented. A carra was a two-wheeled wagon used for carrying loads.
Word Builder: car +
  • carpool:
    a group of people who drive to work together.
  • carport:
    a part outside of a house with a roof under which you park a car.
  • carwash:
    a business that washes cars.
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