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kn sI dr
parts of speech:
transitive verb, intransitive verb
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: considers, considering, considered
definition 1: to think about carefully; reflect on.
I need time to consider the matter before making a decision.Have you considered what the rest of us should do?
cogitate, deliberate, mull over, reflect, ruminate, study, think
similar words:
call, consult, contemplate, debate, meditate, ponder, revolve, view, weigh
definition 2: to think about as a possible selection or option.
I don't think they even considered her for the position because of her lack experience.Have you ever considered Florida for a vacation?He's considering quitting his present job.
similar words:
contemplate, weigh
definition 3: to judge; deem; regard as.
I consider you my closest friend.She considered her friend's apartment huge compared with her tiny one in the city.Shakespeare is considered to be one of the greatest writers of the English language.The parents didn't consider it necessary to take the child to the doctor.I consider the project finished and don't intend to devote any more time to it.
deem, esteem, judge
similar words:
account, adjudge, assess, believe, call, count, estimate, evaluate, find, opine, repute, see, suppose, think
definition 4: take into account; keep in mind.
The judge will consider his lack of a criminal record in deciding what his punishment will be.His score was really not bad if you consider that he had never played golf before.
allow for, regard, take into account
disregard, ignore
similar words:
consult, count, heed, make allowance for, mark, take note of
definition 5: to describe or talk about in a thoughtful way, looking at various aspects of a particular subject.
In tonight's lecture, the professor will consider the issues relating to the development of alternative fuels.
definition 6: to hold in esteem; regard highly.
He is highly considered by the whole community.
esteem, honor, respect, value
similar words:
appreciate, favor, regard
part of speech: intransitive verb
definition: to reflect carefully or with deliberation.
This is a big decision, so let me consider for a moment.
cogitate, contemplate, deliberate, mull, ponder, reflect, study, think
similar words:
brood, meditate, ruminate, see
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Word History
Consider is from a Latin word sidus, which was combined with the prefix "con-" to mean "to observe, contemplate, or examine the stars."
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