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Word part Type Origin Definition
pro-1 prefix Latin before, forward, forth
pro-2 prefix Greek before
prob, prov, -prove root Latin good; test, prove
proto, prot root Greek first, original, primitive
pseud, pseudo root Greek false
psych, psycho root Greek mind, soul, mental process
pter, ptero, pteryg, pteryx root Greek wing, fin
pug, pugn root Latin fight
purg root Latin clean
put, putat root Latin trim; count; reckon or suppose
pyr, pyro root Greek fire, heat, fever
quadr, quart root Latin four, fourth
quer, ques, quir, quis, quest root Latin ask, seek
quin, quint, quinqu root Latin five, fifth
radi root Latin ray, spoke
radic, radix root Latin root
ram, rami root Latin branch
rap root Latin seize, carry off by force
ras, rad, raz root Latin scrape
re- prefix Latin again; back or back again
reg, rect, rig1 root Latin king, rule, guide; straight