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-itious of, relating to, or characterized by.
-itis inflammation; disease. [2 definitions]
it'll contracted form of "it will".
its the possessive form of "it"; belonging to or of that thing or animal already mentioned. [2 definitions]
it's contracted form of "it is". ; contracted form of "it has".
itself used reflexively to show identity between subject and object. [3 definitions]
itty-bitty (informal) very little; tiny.
-ity condition or quality.
IUD abbreviation of "intrauterine device," a small plastic or stainless steel coil or similar object inserted into the uterus to prevent conception
-ium chemical element or group. [2 definitions]
IV an apparatus for giving medicine or nutrients through the veins. [2 definitions]
-ive tending toward, connected with, or performing (such) an action or purpose.
I've contracted form of "I have".
ivied overgrown with ivy, as a wall.
ivory the hard, white, toothlike substance that forms the tusks of elephants and other animals. [7 definitions]
Ivory Coast a West African country on the Atlantic coast between Ghana and Liberia.
ivory nut the hard, ivorylike seed of a small South American palm, used for buttons, ornaments, and the like.
ivory tower a position that is removed from practical concerns, or an attitude of withdrawal or aloofness.
ivy a climbing, woody vine that has shiny evergreen leaves, bears black berries, and is often used as an ornamental covering on buildings; English ivy. [2 definitions]
Ivy League an association of eight prestigious colleges and universities in the northeastern United States, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania, and Yale.
ixora a tropical evergreen plant of the madder family that is often grown in greenhouses.