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affiliation the condition or fact of being affiliated, esp. with an organization.
affinity a strong sense of liking; a natural attraction or sympathy. [5 definitions]
affirm to firmly declare (something), or to state or maintain (something) as true. [2 definitions]
affirmable combined form of affirm.
affirmation the act of affirming. [2 definitions]
affirmative affirming. [4 definitions]
affirmative action a policy or program, supported by U. S. government regulations, to give equal opportunity in employment, college admissions, and the like to those considered previously disadvantaged, such as women and certain racial minority groups.
affix to attach or join physically (usu. fol. by "to"). [5 definitions]
affixable combined form of affix.
afflatus creative impulse; inspiration.
afflict to cause physical or mental suffering to.
affliction a condition of pain or suffering, or the cause of such a state.
afflictive marked by or causing pain or suffering.
affluence material wealth. [2 definitions]
affluent having material wealth. [3 definitions]
afford to have enough money to purchase (something); be able to meet (an expense). [3 definitions]
affordable able to be obtained without excessive sacrifice of money or without incurring serious consequences.
affray a noisy public quarrel or fight; brawl.
affricate a speech sound that results from a stoppage of breath followed by a release at the same point of articulation, such as the "ch" sound in "chip".
affright (archaic) to frighten. [3 definitions]
affront an openly insulting deed or remark. [4 definitions]