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attack to begin to inflict harm upon. [8 definitions]
attain to achieve through effort. [3 definitions]
attainable able to be obtained or achieved.
attainder in law, the loss of civil rights following conviction for a major crime, esp. treason.
attainment the act or process of attaining. [2 definitions]
attaint to inflict the loss of civil rights on (someone) following conviction for a major crime. [2 definitions]
attar a pleasant-smelling oil extracted from flower petals.
attempt to try or seek; undertake. [3 definitions]
attemptable combined form of attempt.
attend to be present at. [8 definitions]
attendance the act of attending. [2 definitions]
attendant one who attends or waits on another person. [4 definitions]
attention concentration of mental powers, esp. on a particular object. [4 definitions]
attentive paying close attention; observant. [2 definitions]
attenuate to make less in quantity, quality, or effect; weaken. [4 definitions]
attest to confirm, testify to, or prove the genuineness or worth of. [2 definitions]
at the drop of a hat without much provocation; easily.
at the end of one's rope at the limits of one's endurance or patience.
at the end of one's tether at the utmost limit of one's strength, resources, or abilities.
at the expense of at the sacrifice of or cost of.
at the latest no later than (a specified time).