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bangs a straight-cut fringe of hair across the forehead.
Bangui the capital of the Central African Republic.
bang-up (informal) done very well; excellent.
bang up to damage or injure, as in a collision.
banian a Hindu tradesman of a caste that does not eat meat. [2 definitions]
banish to cast (someone) permanently out of a country by official action. [2 definitions]
banister the rail of a staircase; balustrade. [3 definitions]
banjo a musical instrument with a circular body covered with skin, a long fretted neck, and four or five strings that are plucked or strummed.
Banjul the seaport capital of Gambia.
bank1 a heap or mass of something, such as earth or clouds. [6 definitions]
bank2 a business concerned with the safeguarding, exchanging, and lending of money. [6 definitions]
bank account at a bank, the funds credited to a depositor and subject to withdrawal by him or her.
bankbook a book that a depositor keeps containing the bank's records of his or her savings deposits and withdrawals.
banker1 an owner or employee of a bank, esp. in management. [2 definitions]
banker2 on the Newfoundland banks, a ship or person engaged in fishing for cod.
banker3 a workbench used by sculptors, masons, or bricklayers for dressing stones or bricks.
bank holiday an official holiday in the UK, when banks and other businesses are closed.
banking the business or profession of running a bank.
bank note a promissory note issued by an authorized bank.
bank on (informal) to rely or depend on.
bank rate the standard rate of discount that is established by a central bank or banks.