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barrier island a long narrow sandy island formed parallel to a shore protecting it from erosion.
barrier reef a ridge of coral running parallel to a coast.
barring except in the case of; except for.
barrio in a Spanish-speaking country, one of the districts of a town. [2 definitions]
barrister (chiefly British) a lawyer who is qualified to offer legal advice and to represent clients in both the lower and higher courts in the UK.
barroom a room where alcoholic beverages are served, usu. at a bar or counter.
barrow1 a flat, rectangular frame used for carrying a load, supported by handles at each end or handles at one end and a wheel at the other; wheelbarrow.
barrow2 a burial mound.
barrow3 a castrated hog.
bar sinister in heraldry, a bar on a shield that runs diagonally from lower left to upper right, signifying an illegitimate ancestor; bend sinister. [3 definitions]
bartender one who prepares and distributes drinks at an establishment or counter serving alcoholic beverages.
barter to trade services or commodities without the use of money. [5 definitions]
bartizan a small extended turret atop a wall or tower, used as a vantage point for a watchman or defender.
Bartlett a large yellow juicy variety of pear.
Baruch Spinoza a Dutch philosopher (b.1632--d.1677).
baryon in physics, a heavy subatomic particle of half-integral spin, such as a proton, neutron, or hyperon.
barytes the principal ore of barium; barite.
basal at, pertaining to, or comprising the bottom part or support. [3 definitions]
basal metabolism the minimum expense of energy that is necessary for life in a resting organism.
basalt a dense, dark-colored igneous rock created by lava flow.
bascule a counterweighted balance, esp. that used in bridges that are raised and lowered.