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behaviorism in psychology, the doctrine that observable behavior, rather than mental events or consciousness, gives the only valid evidence for study, and that environmental influences predominate in human psychological development.
behaviour a spelling of behavior used in Canada and Britain. See behavior for more information.
behead to cut off the head of, usu. as a means of execution.
beheld past tense and past participle of behold.
behemoth a huge beast, perhaps a hippopotamus, mentioned in the Book of Job in the Old Testament. [2 definitions]
behest an order or command. [2 definitions]
behind in or at the back of; on the other side of. [10 definitions]
behind bars in jail or prison.
behindhand slow or tardy. [3 definitions]
behind one's back when one is not present; secretly.
behind the scenes not in view or on display; in private; in secret.
behold to see or observe. [2 definitions]
beholden indebted for favors or material aid; obligated.
beholder one who looks or sees.
behoof advantage, benefit, or use.
behoove to be necessary or suitable for; befit. [2 definitions]
beige a soft grayish tan color.
Beijing the capital of China; Peking.
being the state or fact of living or existing. [3 definitions]
Beirut the seaport capital of Lebanon.
bejewel to ornament or cover with or as if with jewels.