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borzoi one of a breed of dogs originating in Russia, having a tall slender body, narrow head, and long silky hair; Russian wolfhound.
boscage a mass of woody growth; thicket.
bosh (informal) foolish or meaningless talk; nonsense.
bosk a small wooded or brushy area; thicket.
bosky covered with trees or bushes; wooded.
bo's'n variant of boatswain.
Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992, a Balkan republic bordered by Croatia and Yugoslavia; formerly part of Yugoslavia.
bosom the breasts of a human, esp. of a woman. [7 definitions]
bosomy of a woman, having large or prominent breasts.
boss1 a person who employs others or supervises their work; manager. [7 definitions]
boss2 a rounded projection or swelling. [4 definitions]
bossa nova a musical blend of jazz and samba, or the Brazilian dance performed to such music.
bossism domination or control by bosses, as of a political party or unit or a governmental entity.
bossy1 (informal) domineering; overbearing; pushy.
bossy2 embellished with bosses or studs.
bossy3 (informal) a cow.
Boston the capital of Massachusetts.
Boston brown bread a dark steamed bread made of corn meal or graham or whole wheat flour, sweetened with molasses.
Boston cream pie a two-layer cake with a custard filling and chocolate icing.
Boston fern a fern commonly cultivated as a houseplant, with opposing staggered leaflets on long arched drooping stems.
Boston ivy a woody climbing vine of Asian origin, commonly grown in the United States as an exterior wall cover, that has three-lobed leaves and bears purple berries.