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cancer any of various diseases characterized by malignant tumors or other tissue degeneration that can spread locally or through the lymph or blood systems. [5 definitions]
cancerous pertaining to or affected with the disease of cancer. [2 definitions]
Cancún a popular Mexican resort town, part of which is island, located on the northeastern, Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula.
candela the basic unit of intensity of light, equal to one sixtieth of the intensity of one square centimeter of a radiating body at the temperature of solidification of platinum; new candle.
candelabrum a large decorative candle holder with branches for several candles.
candescent giving off white light; glowing hotly. (Cf. incandescent.)
candid without deception or concealment; honest; forthright. [4 definitions]
candidacy the condition of being considered or nominated, or striving to be so, for a particular position, office, prize, or honor.
candidate a person, esp. a politician, who seeks to be elected or appointed to a certain position. [2 definitions]
candid camera a small simple camera with a fast lens used to photograph unposed subjects or take informal pictures.
candied cooked or coated in or with sugar, honey, or syrup, esp. to glaze, encrust, or preserve. [2 definitions]
candle a cylindrical stick of wax or waxlike substance enclosing a wick and burned to give light. [4 definitions]
candleberry any of several aromatic shrubs bearing small berrylike fruit covered with a wax sometimes used in making candles. [2 definitions]
candlelight the light of a candle or candles.
Candlemas a Christian religious celebration held on February 2, in which the blessing of candles for sacred use is performed to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of the infant Jesus Christ in the temple.
candlenut a tree of tropical Asia and the South Seas that bears oily fruit or nuts, which are used by natives as candles and are processed for commercial use in paints and varnishes. [2 definitions]
candlepin a candlelike pin used in a bowling game similar to tenpins. [2 definitions]
candlepower in optics, intensity of light as measured in candelas.
candlestick a holder with sockets or spikes for one or more candles.
candlewick the soft bundled or braided fibers at the center of a candle, which draw up melted wax to be burned. [2 definitions]
can-do reflecting an eagerness to take on something combined with the belief in one's ability to accomplish it.