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Cheshvan variant of Heshvan.
chess1 a game of strategy for two people in which each player starts with a king and queen, two each of bishops, knights, and rooks, and eight pawns and in which the object is to trap the opponent's king.
chess2 any of a variety of weedy grasses, esp. cheat.
chess3 a floor board of a pontoon bridge.
chessboard a checkerboard used for playing chess.
chessman any one of the pieces used in playing chess.
chess pie a custardlike dessert baked in a pastry shell.
chest the upper front section of the human body between the neck and the abdomen. [4 definitions]
chested having or designating a particular type of chest or thorax (usu. used in combination).
chesterfield a tailored, single- or double-breasted topcoat having a velvet collar. [2 definitions]
Chester White a kind of large white hog first bred in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
chestnut an edible nut produced by a tree or shrub of the beech family and having a prickly shell. [5 definitions]
chest of drawers a large piece of furniture that has several drawers and is usu. set in a bedroom to hold clothing; dresser.
chesty (informal) having a large or well-developed chest or bosom. [2 definitions]
chetrum the smaller monetary unit of Bhutan. (Cf. ngultrum.)
cheval glass a full-length framed mirror mounted in such a way that it can be tilted or swiveled.
chevalier a member of one of various orders of merit, such as the Legion of Honor. [3 definitions]
Cheviot any of a breed of sheep with short, thick wool. [2 definitions]
chevron an insignia or badge of rank having stripes arranged in a V or inverted V and worn by policemen, noncommissioned officers, and the like.
chew to tear or grind between the teeth; masticate. [6 definitions]
chewable combined form of chew.