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chromato- color.
-chrome colored (as specified). [3 definitions]
chrome chromium or an alloy of chromium. [5 definitions]
chromic of or containing trivalent chromium.
chromic acid an acid containing chromium that exists only in solution or in the form of its salts.
chromium a chemical element that has twenty-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a silver-gray, lustrous, corrosion-resistant solid metal, chiefly used in electroplating, alloys such as stainless steel, or compounds with other elements. (symbol: Cr)
chromium steel a very strong steel that contains chromium.
chromo a chromolithograph.
chromo- color. [2 definitions]
chromolithograph a picture lithographed in color.
chromolithography the art or process of making color lithographs.
chromosome one of the tiny, threadlike, DNA-containing bodies found in the cell nuclei of all plants and animals, responsible for transmitting hereditary characteristics.
chromosphere a layer of gas, mostly hydrogen, that surrounds a star, esp. the sun, above the photosphere and below the corona.
chromous of or containing chromium, esp. in the divalent state.
chronic tending to a certain behavior or illness for a long time or continually. [3 definitions]
chronicle an account of events arranged according to the order in which those events took place. [2 definitions]
chrono- time.
chronograph any of various instruments, such as a stopwatch, that precisely record the durations of short periods of time.
chronological according to the sequence in which things happen. [2 definitions]
chronology the order of events in time. [3 definitions]
chronometer a clock or other timepiece designed to keep time with exceptional precision.