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coholder combined form of holder.
cohort (often derogatory) a friend or associate. [3 definitions]
cohostess combined form of hostess.
coif any of a variety of close-fitting caps, such as those worn by nuns under their veils. [4 definitions]
coiffeur (French) a man who styles hair.
coiffure any styling or arrangement of the hair; hairdo. [2 definitions]
coign of vantage an especially good position for observation or action.
coil1 to wind into loops or a spiral. [8 definitions]
coil2 a tumult, confusion, or disturbance.
coin a small, flat, and often circular piece of metal used as money. [5 definitions]
coinage the act, process, or authority of making coins. [4 definitions]
coincide to be in the same place or occur at the same time. [2 definitions]
coincidence the chance occurrence of two events at the same time, or any other such correspondence of things.
coincident of events, occurring simultaneously. [3 definitions]
coincidental happening by coincidence.
coin-operated of a mechanism, activated or operated by the insertion of one or more coins in a slot.
coinsurance insurance that is held jointly with another or others. [2 definitions]
coinvent combined form of invent.
coinventor combined form of inventor.
coinvestigator combined form of investigator.
coinvestor combined form of investor.