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coke a residue consisting primarily of carbon that is left after coal has been heated in the absence of air, used as an industrial fuel and reducing agent. [2 definitions]
Col. abbreviation of "Colonel," in the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marines, a rank above lieutenant colonel and below brigadier general (used in a proper name).
col a pass or gap between mountains.
col-1 together; with; jointly.
col-2 variant of colo-.
COLA an adjustment in wages or payments, or an automatic schedule of such adjustments, based on changes in the cost of living (acronym for "cost of living adjustment").
cola1 any of various sweet carbonated beverages made from kola nuts and other ingredients.
cola2 a plural of colon.
colander a perforated, bowl-shaped container, often with legs, used to drain food.
colchicine a poisonous alkaloid used to cause chromosome doubling in experiments and as medicine for gout.
colchicum any of various plants of the lily family, usu. blooming in the fall; autumn crocus. [2 definitions]
cold having a body temperature below normal. [7 definitions]
cold-blooded of animals such as fishes and reptiles, having blood whose temperature is dependent upon the temperature outside the organism. (Cf. warm-blooded.) [3 definitions]
cold chisel a handleless chisel made of tempered steel with a sharpened edge, used for cutting unheated metal.
cold cream a semisolid cosmetic emulsion applied to moisturize, smooth, or cleanse the skin.
cold cuts slices of various meats, meat products, and cheeses, served at room temperature.
cold duck a beverage made of an equal mixture of champagne and sparkling burgundy.
cold frame an unheated box, usu. with a glass top, used outdoors for protecting plants from the cold.
cold front the advancing edge of a mass of cold dense air as it displaces warmer air.
cold-hearted without kindness or sympathy.
cold pack a treatment involving the application of a cold sheet or ice pack to a patient's body, to reduce swelling or relieve pain. [2 definitions]