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collinear lying in the same straight line. [2 definitions]
collins (often cap.) a drink made with lemon or lime juice, carbonated water, sugar, and either gin, vodka, whiskey, or rum.
collision an act or instance of coming together with violent force; crash. [2 definitions]
collocate to place together or put in correct order; arrange.
collodion in chemistry, a thick solution of pyroxylin suspended in alcohol and ether, used in producing photographic film, in cementing surgical bandages and sealing wounds, and in engraving and lithography.
colloid in chemistry, a suspension of a very finely ground or divided substance in a gas, liquid, or solid, such that suspended particles tend not to settle out. [3 definitions]
colloidal of, resembling, or containing a colloid. [2 definitions]
colloq. abbreviation of "colloquial" or "colloquially."
colloquial characteristic of or suited to informal or familiar conversation or to writing that is imitative of conversational tone. [2 definitions]
colloquialism a colloquial or informal word or phrase, sometimes characteristic of a particular region.
colloquium an informal group meeting or conference. [2 definitions]
colloquy a conversation or written dialogue, esp. one with a formal setting and purpose.
collude to act together through a secret agreement or plan, esp. for illicit purposes; conspire.
collusion the act or process of colluding. [2 definitions]
colo- colon or large intestine.
cologne a fragrant liquid mixture of alcohol and scented oils, used to cool or perfume the skin; eau de Cologne.
Colombia a South American country between Venezuela and the Pacific Ocean.
Colombian of or pertaining to Colombia or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
Colombo the seaport capital of Sri Lanka.
colon1 a punctuation mark (:) indicating that what follows is a series, example, summation, elaboration, or the like. [2 definitions]
colon2 in anatomy, the segment of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum.