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cooler a machine or container designed to cool or maintain a state of coolness. [3 definitions]
coolie a low-paid, unskilled worker, esp. in or from China or India (used as a term of disrespect).
cool it (slang) to calm down.
cool off (informal) to become calmer or less upset.
coon (informal) a raccoon. [2 definitions]
coonskin a raccoon pelt, or something made of one.
coop a cage or enclosure for small animals, esp. birds. [3 definitions]
co-op a cooperative store, dormitory, association, or the like.
cooper a person who makes and repairs wooden barrels, tubs, and the like. [3 definitions]
cooperage the workplace, products, or business of a cooper.
cooperate to work with others, esp. for a common purpose. [2 definitions]
cooperation the process of cooperating. [3 definitions]
cooperative willing to work together or cooperate. [4 definitions]
coopt to take over; preempt; assimilate. [2 definitions]
coordinate to order or organize according to a common goal. [11 definitions]
coordinating conjunction a conjunction, such as "and" or "but," that connects words, phrases, or clauses that have equivalent structures or ranks. (Cf. subordinating conjunction.)
coordination the act of coordinating or the state of being coordinated. [2 definitions]
coordinator one that coordinates, esp. a person who organizes a complex event or project that involves the contributions of other people.
co-organizer combined form of organizer.
coot any of several dark grayish, short-winged aquatic birds related to rails. [3 definitions]
cootie (informal) a louse, esp. one found on humans.