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coulter variant of colter.
council an assembly of persons gathered together for administrative, legislative, or advisory purposes. [2 definitions]
councilman a member of a council, as of a city or town.
councilor someone who belongs to a council.
councilwoman a female member of a council, as of a city or town.
counsel guidance or advice, esp. as given by an authority or wise person. [6 definitions]
counseling help or guidance from a mental health professional or member of the clergy that is aimed at solving emotional problems or at resolving or preventing conflicts between people in a close relationship.
counselor someone who gives or is hired to give counsel. [3 definitions]
count1 to list or name (numbers or items) one by one in order to find the total. [10 definitions]
count2 one who holds a rank of European nobility that is equivalent to that of an English earl.
countdown the act or procedure of counting in reverse in preparation for some event, such as the firing of a rocket, to occur at "zero". [2 definitions]
countenance facial expression or general appearance. [4 definitions]
counter1 a high, flat surface, usu. long and narrow and with a solid or bulky base, at which people sit on stools or stand to transact business, eat, or prepare food. [2 definitions]
counter2 a manual or automatic device for keeping count of something. [2 definitions]
counter3 in an opposite or contrary manner or direction. [8 definitions]
counter- contrary; opposing. [2 definitions]
counteraccusation combined form of accusation.
counteract to overcome or lessen the effect of through opposition or opposite action.
counteradaptation combined form of adaptation.
counteradvertising combined form of advertising.
counteragent combined form of agent.