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countrified having the appearance or characteristics of rural people.
country a large geographic region defined by political, natural, or cultural boundaries. [5 definitions]
country and western country music of the U.S. (Cf. country music.)
country club a suburban social club with a clubhouse and facilities for sports such as swimming, golf, and tennis.
country-dance an English folk dance characterized by dancers forming two lines facing each other.
countryman someone who lives in or was born in the same country as oneself. [2 definitions]
country music popular music that comes from the folk music of the southern or southwestern United States. It generally employs a variety of stringed instruments such as guitar and fiddle.
countryside a rural area.
country squire (chiefly British) a wealthy country landowner.
countrywoman a woman who lives in a rural area. [2 definitions]
county a subdivision of a U.S. state for purposes of local administration and government. [3 definitions]
county agent a person employed by the government in rural areas to advise and educate in farming, managing natural resources, home economics, and the like; agricultural agent.
county commissioner a member of the elected administration in the counties of some U.S. states.
county seat the city or town in which the government of a county resides.
coup a brilliant and successful action or maneuver. [2 definitions]
coup de grâce blow of mercy (French); a death blow or any finishing or decisive stroke or event.
coup de main blow from the hand (French); a surprise attack or sudden action against an enemy.
coup d'état a sudden surprise overthrow of a government, accomplished through political means or, more often, by force.
coupé a four-wheeled carriage with an enclosed area for two passengers and an exposed driver's seat. [2 definitions]
coupe a two-door automobile that is smaller than a sedan. [2 definitions]
couple two of the same kind of thing or of related things considered together. [6 definitions]