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cryonics (used with a sing. verb) the freezing of the body of someone who has just died for the purpose of storing it in anticipation of future resuscitation and cure.
cryophyte a plant, esp. certain algae or fungi, capable of growing in icy or snowy conditions.
cryoscopy the scientific study of the freezing point of liquids, body fluids, or the like.
cryosurgery a procedure in which diseased tissues are selectively destroyed by freezing them.
cryotherapy medical treatment by cold applications such as ice packs.
cry over spilled milk to worry unduly about something that cannot be undone.
cry over spilt milk to worry unduly about something that cannot be undone.
crypt a burial chamber or underground vault, esp. one beneath a church.
cryptic difficult to understand; ambiguous or mysterious in meaning. [3 definitions]
crypto- hidden; secret.
cryptogam any of the plants, such as ferns and algae, that bear no flowers or seeds, reproducing instead by spores.
cryptogram a message written so as to conceal its meaning by the use of a cipher or code. [2 definitions]
cryptography the science or art of creating and decoding secret messages, esp. those employing ciphers and codes. [2 definitions]
cryptozoic (cap.) of or pertaining to Precambrian rock strata yielding few and very primitive fossils. [3 definitions]
crystal a naturally symmetrical or layered solid, such as diamond or quartz, with a regularly repeating three-dimensional atomic, ionic, or molecular structure. [7 definitions]
crystal detector a simple radio receiver made of a semiconducting crystal touched by a fine wire.
crystal gazing the practice of studying and interpreting images of future events, supposed to appear in a ball of polished glass or crystal.
crystalline of or made of crystal. [3 definitions]
crystalline lens a transparent, biconvex, lenslike body in the eye, between the iris and the vitreous humor, that focuses light on the retina.
crystallize to convert into or cause to become crystals. [4 definitions]
crystallo- crystal.