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degeneracy the process of declining, or condition of having declined, from an elevated position, or below a normal or desired state. [2 definitions]
degenerate to decline from an original or former condition; change for the worse in nature or quality; deteriorate. [6 definitions]
degeneration the process of decline or decay. [4 definitions]
degenerative of, exhibiting, or promoting degeneration.
deglutinate to remove or extract the gluten from.
deglutition the act or process of swallowing.
degradation the act or process of degrading, or the condition of being degraded. [2 definitions]
degrade to bring (someone or something) down in moral or intellectual character; deprave; debase. [6 definitions]
degraded below normal standards; uncivilized or depraved. [2 definitions]
degrading tending to debase or humiliate.
de GrÔve a French red or white wine.
degree a stage or step, esp. as part of a course of action or process. [6 definitions]
degree-day a unit that represents one degree of difference, from a standard temperature, in the mean outdoor temperature on a certain day.
dehisce to split open along a pre-existing line, as the seedpods of certain plants.
dehorn to remove the horns of (cattle or the like).
dehumanize to deprive of individuality, spirit, or other human qualities; render routine or mechanical.
dehumidify to reduce the level of atmospheric moisture in.
dehydrate to remove water from (fruits, vegetables, or other foods) for preservation. [4 definitions]
dehydrogenate to remove hydrogen from (a chemical compound).
de-ice to keep free of ice or remove ice from.
deify to raise to the rank of a god; consider to be a god. [2 definitions]