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diatom any of various tiny single-celled algae having cell walls of silica.
diatomic of a molecule, composed of two atoms. [2 definitions]
diatonic in music, being or using a standard major or minor scale of eight notes to the octave, without chromatic tones.
diatribe a bitter, abusive attack in speech or writing.
diatropism the tendency of some plant organs to assume a position at a right angle to the direction of an external stimulus.
diazepam a tranquilizing drug that relaxes the muscles and relieves anxiety and depression.
diazine any chemical compound in which four carbon atoms and two nitrogen atoms are arranged in a ring.
dibasic designating an acid having two replaceable hydrogen atoms. [2 definitions]
dibble a small pointed hand tool used to make holes in the ground for bulbs, seeds, or the like. [2 definitions]
dibranchiate any of various tentacled mollusks, such as octopus and squid, that have one pair of gills.
dibs (informal) a right or claim to something. [2 definitions]
dice small cubes with dots on each side numbering one to six, often used in pairs for board games and games of chance. [4 definitions]
dicephalous two-headed, as an abnormal fetus.
dicey (informal) chancy or dangerous; risky.
dichloride a chemical compound that contains two atoms of chlorine for each other element or group. (See bichloride.)
dichotomy division or separation into two usu. opposed parts, positions, or opinions. [2 definitions]
dichromate a chemical compound that contains two chromium atoms per molecule, characterized by an orange-red color; bichromate.
dichromatic having or showing two colors. [3 definitions]
dichromic1 able to recognize only two colors; colorblind; dichromatic.
dichromic2 containing two chromium atoms per molecule.
dick (slang) a detective. [2 definitions]