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dick (slang) a detective. [2 definitions]
dickcissel a sparrowlike American songbird characterized, in the male, by a yellow breast and a black mark at the throat.
dickens devil; deuce (usu. prec. by the).
dicker to argue over price or value; bargain; haggle. [2 definitions]
dickey a woman's blouse front for wearing under a jacket or for covering the neckline. [5 definitions]
diclinous of a plant, having the pollen-bearing and seed-bearing organs in separate flowers. [2 definitions]
dicot see dicotyledon.
dicotyledon a member of a large group of flowering plants that bear two embryonic seed leaves at sprouting, such as oaks, beans, and cabbages. (Cf. monocotyledon.)
dicoumarin see Dicumarol.
dicta a pl. of dictum.
Dictaphone trademark for a machine that records dictation so it can be played back for writing or typing later.
dictate to say or read aloud (something) in order that it may be recorded or written down by someone else. [6 definitions]
dictation the speaking or reading of words for a person to write down or a machine to record. [3 definitions]
dictator a ruler who has supreme and total authority, esp. one who has seized power or who uses it harshly or selfishly. [3 definitions]
dictatorial domineering or overbearing in manner; imperious. [2 definitions]
dictatorship a country or government under dictatorial rule. [2 definitions]
diction word choice and arrangement in speech or writing, esp. as a reflection of forcefulness or effectiveness. [2 definitions]
dictionary a reference work that contains a list of words of a particular language, usu. in alphabetical order and supplemented with information about the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of each word. [3 definitions]
dictum a formal or official pronouncement or declaration. [3 definitions]
Dicumarol a white crystalline powder, produced synthetically or from sweet clover, used in medicine to prevent blood from clotting; dicoumarin.
did past tense of do1.