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dispersal the act of dispersing or condition of being dispersed; dispersion.
disperse to drive away in all directions; scatter. [5 definitions]
dispersion the process or act of dispersing, or the condition of being dispersed. [4 definitions]
dispirit to take the spirit out of; discourage; depress.
dispirited having low spirits; discouraged; depressed.
displace to force out of a homeland or established place. [4 definitions]
displaceable combined form of displace.
displaced person a person who has become homeless, usu. as a result of having been forced from his or her homeland by war.
displacement the act of displacing, or the condition or extent of being displaced. [4 definitions]
display to cause to be seen; show; exhibit. [8 definitions]
displayable combined form of display.
displease to annoy, dissatisfy, or disappoint. [2 definitions]
displeased annoyed, unhappy, or dissatisfied.
displeasing causing dissatisfaction, disappointment, annoyance, or other negative reaction.
displeasure the condition or fact of being annoyed, dissatisfied, or disappointed.
disport to amuse (oneself). [4 definitions]
disposable designed for or capable of being disposed of after use. [3 definitions]
disposable income the income that one has for spending, saving, or the like after taxes are deducted.
disposal a giving away or a getting rid of something. [4 definitions]
dispose to place or arrange. [4 definitions]
dispose of to deal conclusively with; take care of. [2 definitions]