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doeskin the hide of a deer, or soft leather made of or like it. [2 definitions]
doesn't contracted form of "does not".
doff to take off (clothing). [3 definitions]
dog a four-legged furry canine mammal related to the wolf and fox, commonly used for a pet. [6 definitions]
dogbane any of several perennial plants with an acrid, milky juice, a bitter root, and bearing bell-shaped flowers.
dog biscuit a hard biscuit for dogs, containing ground meat, bones, meal, and the like.
dogcart a light, two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle with seats for two passengers set back-to-back. [2 definitions]
dogcatcher a public employee whose job is to round up strayed or homeless dogs and cats.
dog days the hot, humid days of July and August, when the Dog Star, Sirius, rises and sets with the sun.
doge the chief magistrate elected in the former republics of Venice and Genoa.
dog-ear a bent or folded corner of a page in a book. [2 definitions]
dog-eat-dog marked by ruthless competition; merciless.
dogfight a fierce fight between dogs. [4 definitions]
dogfish any of several small sharks found in coastal waters of the Atlantic and Pacific. [2 definitions]
dogged persistent or stubborn.
doggerel of verse, trivial or mundane in thought, or crude in form. [2 definitions]
doggie bag a bag or box in which a restaurant will pack leftovers of a patron's meal to betaken home, presumably to be fed to a pet.
doggish like a dog, as in being surly or snappish.
doggone (informal) Damn! or Darn! (used to avoid profanity). [4 definitions]
doggy1 a small dog or puppy.
doggy2 of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a dog. [2 definitions]