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drove1 past tense of drive.
drove2 a group of animals driven, or gathered for driving, as a herd; flock. [3 definitions]
drover someone who drives animals, esp. sheep or cattle, to a place where they can be sold.
drown to die from lack of oxygen as the result of submersion in a liquid, esp. water. [4 definitions]
drown out to cover up the sound of with a louder sound.
drowse to be nearly asleep. [3 definitions]
drowsy being on the point of falling asleep. [3 definitions]
drub to beat, as with a stick or club. [3 definitions]
drubbing a sound beating or defeat, as in an athletic contest.
drudge someone who works at a boring, repetitious, physically demanding, or menial job. [2 definitions]
drudgery hard, boring, menial, or unpleasant work.
drug a chemical substance used to cure or heal; medicine. [5 definitions]
drug abuse the use of illegal drugs, especially in a habitual or harmful way, or the use of any drug in doses or for purposes outside their intended medical use.
drug addict one who is physically dependent on regular doses of one or more narcotics.
druggist one who is licensed to prepare and sell prescription drugs; pharmacist.
drugstore in the United States, a store that sells prescription drugs, as well as other items such as vitamins, hair care products, cosmetics, candy, and magazines.
drug test a test of the body to discover if a person is using drugs that are illegal.
druid (often cap.) a member of a priestly order in ancient Celtic lands, such as Gauland the British Isles.
drum any of various hollow musical percussion instruments consisting of a cylindrical body covered at one or both ends by a tight membrane, and played by beating with sticks or the hands. [10 definitions]
drumbeat the sound made by a drum, esp. when it is rhythmic.
drumbone a musical instrument requiring two or three players that is made of joined sections of plastic pipe, two of which slide to alter the pitch of sounds made by beating on the pipe with drumsticks. The drumbone was introduced by the Blue Man Group.