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e'er contracted form of "ever" (used chiefly in literature).
eerie mysterious and frightening; weird.
ef- out.
efface to cause to disappear; destroy. [3 definitions]
effaceable combined form of efface.
effect something produced or brought on by something else. [8 definitions]
effective producing an adequate or desired result, or having the power to produce such a result. [2 definitions]
effectively in a way that produces a successful result.
effectiveness the quality or condition of working as intended or of having the desired result.
effector a cell or an organ such as a muscle or gland that responds to a nerve impulse.
effectual causing or capable of causing a desired result; effective; efficacious. [2 definitions]
effectuate to cause to happen; put into effect.
effeminate of a man or boy, having qualities of appearance, manner, or behavior conventionally associated with feminine rather than masculine gender; unmanly.
effendi a Turkish title of respect meaning "sir" or "mister".
efferent in physiology, carrying or directing away from an organ. (Cf. afferent.) [2 definitions]
effervesce of a liquid, to emit tiny bubbles, hiss, and foam as gas is released. [2 definitions]
effervescence the fizzing or bubbling in a liquid that emits tiny popping gas bubbles, often as a result of fermentation or carbonation. [2 definitions]
effervescent emitting tiny gas bubbles; foaming; bubbly. [2 definitions]
effete lacking healthy vigor or effectiveness; worn out. [2 definitions]
efficacious causing or capable of causing a desired result; effectual; effective.
efficacy the ability to produce desired results; effectiveness.