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Úlan vital in the philosophy of Henri Bergson, the vital force within living things that causes growth, the development of form, and evolution.
elapse to slip by or come to an end, as a period of time or something limited to a period of time. [2 definitions]
elasmobranch any of various fishes with a cartilaginous skeleton, such as a shark or ray.
elastic capable of returning to its initial form after being stretched or deformed. [5 definitions]
elasticity the condition or quality of being elastic, as in texture. [3 definitions]
elasticize to make (fabric or the like) elastic by stitching in an elastic band, or by interweaving with strands of rubber.
elastomer any of various synthetic substances having the elastic qualities of rubber.
elate to make extremely happy or proud; cause to be in elevated spirits.
elated extremely happy or proud; in elevated spirits.
elation a feeling or condition of happiness, pride, or elevated spirits.
E layer a thick layer of ions located at a height of about sixty to ninety miles in the E region of the earth's outer atmosphere and having the ability to deflect radio waves.
elbow the bend or joint between the human upper arm and forearm, or the bony projection at this bend. [6 definitions]
elbow grease (informal) vigorous physical exertion, as in doing work.
elbowroom enough space or scope to move around in freely.
elder1 a comparative of old; older; born earlier. [6 definitions]
elder2 any of various shrubs or small trees that bear clusters of small white flowers and red or blackish berrylike fruits.
elderberry the red or blackish fruit of the elder, often used for wine or jam. [2 definitions]
elderly aging or rather old.
elder statesman a retired, usu. elderly statesman whose advice is sought by government leaders. [2 definitions]
eldest a superlative of old.
El Dorado a legendary South American destination of early Spanish explorers seeking gold and riches. [2 definitions]