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eliminate to dispose of, remove, or destroy. [3 definitions]
elimination the act or process of eliminating; disposal; destruction; dismissal. [2 definitions]
elint the gathering of information by use of electronic devices located on ships, airplanes, satellites, or the like (acronym for "electronic intelligence").
elision the slurring over or omission of a letter or syllable in pronouncing a word. [2 definitions]
elite (usu. used with a pl. verb) the best, taken collectively. [4 definitions]
elitism rule, or support or advocacy of rule, by an elite. [2 definitions]
elitist believing in, supporting, or promoting the superiority of a select or privileged group.
elixir a sweetened, aromatic solution of alcohol and water used as a vehicle for medicines. [4 definitions]
Elizabethan of, relating to, or characteristic of Elizabeth I of England or the period of her reign. [2 definitions]
Elizabethan sonnet see Shakespearean sonnet.
Elizabeth I the queen of England in 1558-1603 (b.1533--d.1603).
elk a large deer of northern Europe and Asia that has large antlers shaped like a palm with extended fingers. [3 definitions]
ell an extension or wing of a building, usu. at right angles to the main structure. [2 definitions]
Ella Fitzgerald U.S. jazz and popular ballad singer, known especially as a master of scat singing (b.1917--d.1996).
ellipse a closed geometric plane curve formed by the intersection of a plane at an oblique angle to the axis and opposite sides of a right circular cone; an oval conic section. [2 definitions]
ellipsis the omission of a word or words, as in a quoted text. [2 definitions]
ellipsoid a solid geometric figure whose plane sections are all ellipses or circles. [2 definitions]
elliptical of, pertaining to, or in the form of an ellipse. [4 definitions]
Ellis Island an island in Upper New York Bay where, from 1892 to 1943, millions of incoming immigrants to the U.S. were processed. The facility on the island is now a museum that illuminates the immigration experience.
elm any of several large deciduous shade trees having arching, spreading branches and serrated leaves. [2 definitions]
elocution training in, or the art of, public speaking. [2 definitions]