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entangle to cause to be snarled or tangled. [3 definitions]
entanglement the act of entangling, or the condition of being entangled. [2 definitions]
entente an accord of countries or other political units with regard to specified mutual positions or courses of action. [2 definitions]
enter to come or go in. [11 definitions]
enterable combined form of enter.
enteric of or pertaining to the enteron; intestinal.
enteritis inflammation of the small intestine or, sometimes, the colon.
entero- intestine.
enteron the alimentary canal.
enterostomy a surgical opening made through the abdominal wall into an intestine.
enterprise an undertaking, esp. one characterized by complexity, risk, or wide scope; venture. [3 definitions]
enterprising bold, energetic, and full of initiative.
entertain to occupy pleasantly; amuse. [5 definitions]
entertainer one who entertains by performance, such as an actress or comedian. [2 definitions]
entertaining providing pleasant diversion; amusing.
entertainment something that provides pleasant diversion or amusement. [3 definitions]
enter the lists to become involved in a conflict or contest.
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate. [2 definitions]
enthrone to put upon a throne. [3 definitions]
enthuse to cause enthusiasm in.
enthusiasm intense interest or excitement concerning; zeal. [2 definitions]