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enterostomy a surgical opening made through the abdominal wall into an intestine.
enterprise an undertaking, esp. one characterized by complexity, risk, or wide scope; venture. [3 definitions]
enterprising bold, energetic, and full of initiative.
entertain to occupy pleasantly; amuse. [5 definitions]
entertainer one who entertains by performance, such as an actress or comedian. [2 definitions]
entertaining providing pleasant diversion; amusing.
entertainment something that provides pleasant diversion or amusement. [3 definitions]
enter the lists to become involved in a conflict or contest.
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate. [2 definitions]
enthrone to put upon a throne. [3 definitions]
enthuse to cause enthusiasm in.
enthusiasm intense interest or excitement concerning; zeal. [2 definitions]
enthusiast a person intensely interested in or obsessed with a particular subject. [2 definitions]
enthusiastic having or showing enthusiasm.
entice to lure or tempt, as by calling attention to the possible benefits of an action.
enticement the act of enticement, or the condition of being enticed. [2 definitions]
entire containing all parts or components; whole. [3 definitions]
entirely completely; totally. [2 definitions]
entirety the state of being whole and complete. [2 definitions]
entitle to give a right or legal claim to. [2 definitions]
entity anything that exists objectively and distinctly, whether nonliving or living; thing or being. [2 definitions]