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Equal Rights Amendment a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would prohibit the infringement of rights because of gender.
equal sign a mathematical sign (=) indicating that the terms on either side of it are equal.
equanimity the quality of remaining calm, serene, or unruffled, esp. under stress; composure.
equate to make or consider to be equal or equivalent.
equation the act of equating. [4 definitions]
equator the imaginary circle around the earth's globe equidistant from both the North and South Poles. [2 definitions]
equatorial of, relating to, near, or on any equator. [3 definitions]
Equatorial Guinea a small country near the equator on the west central coast of Africa, between Gabon and Cameroon.
equerry an officer in charge of the horses of a royal or noble family. [2 definitions]
equestrian of or concerning horseback riding or horsemanship. [3 definitions]
equi- equal.
equiangular having all the angles equal.
equidistant of or at an equal distance.
equilateral having all the sides or faces equal. [2 definitions]
equilibrant a force or forces that bring a system of forces into balance.
equilibrate to bring into or be in balance or equilibrium.
equilibrium a state in which all acting forces cancel each other to create balance or stability. [3 definitions]
equine of or similar to a horse. [2 definitions]
equinoctial of, concerning, or near the time of an equinox. [5 definitions]
equinoctial circle see celestial equator.
equinox either of the two times during the year when the sun crosses the earth's equator so that day and night are of equal duration worldwide, occurring in March and September.