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exeunt omnes all leave (a stage direction for all the characters on stage).
exfoliate to cast off or come off in scales, layers, or flakes as skin, bark, or rock.
ex-girlfriend (informal) one who is no longer one's girlfriend; former girlfriend, past girlfriend.
ex gratia (Latin) as a favor, and carrying no legal obligation.
exhalation the act of exhaling. [2 definitions]
exhale to breathe out; emit breath or vapor. [4 definitions]
exhaust to consume all of; use up. [11 definitions]
exhausting causing great physical fatigue. [2 definitions]
exhaustion the act of exhausting, or state of being exhausted. [2 definitions]
exhaustive thorough and all-encompassing. [2 definitions]
exhaustless combined form of exhaust.
exhibit to expose for viewing or inspection; present; show. [8 definitions]
exhibition an act of exhibiting, or that which is exhibited. [2 definitions]
exhibitionism the practice of purposely behaving so as to attract attention. [2 definitions]
exhibitive serving as an exhibition; exhibiting or revealing (usu. fol. by of).
exhilarate to invigorate or stimulate greatly. [2 definitions]
exhilaration a feeling or condition of being exhilarated; intense high spirits.
exhort to advise, urge, or incite with great seriousness. [2 definitions]
exhortation the act of urging or advising earnestly. [2 definitions]
exhume to dig out, esp. from a grave; disinter. [2 definitions]
ex-husband one who is no longer one's husband; former husband; past husband.