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fadeless combined form of fade.
fade-out a gradual decrease in the sharpness of focus or visibility of a scene or image in film or television, or in the audibility of sound in broadcasting.
faeces variant of feces.
faerie the imaginary dwelling place of fairies; fairyland. [2 definitions]
fag to make weary or exhausted; tire (often fol. by out). [4 definitions]
fag end the last or worst part of something, esp. the worn-out or frayed end of a piece of cloth or rope.
faggot (offensive slang) a male homosexual.
fagot sticks, twigs, or branches bound together. [4 definitions]
fagoting a technique for trimming or decorating cloth with crisscross stitches across an open seam, or with vertical threads tied at midpoint in bundles spaced across a section with no horizontal threads.
Fahrenheit of, pertaining to, or designating a temperature scale on which thirty-two degrees is the freezing point and 212 degrees is the boiling point of water. (abbr.: F)
faience pottery decorated with highly colored, opaque glazes. [2 definitions]
fail to be or become ineffective or unsuccessful; be lacking in an effort or attempt. [10 definitions]
failing a weakness or shortcoming in a person or thing. [3 definitions]
faille a woven fabric with shallow, transverse ribbing, made of silk or other soft material.
fail-safe protected against failure or breakdown, as by a compensatory or back-up mechanism that begins to function automatically in an emergency. [5 definitions]
failure the act or result of failing. [5 definitions]
fain willingly; happily. [4 definitions]
fainéant doing absolutely nothing; lazy; indolent. [2 definitions]
faint weak, feeble, or slight. [5 definitions]
fainthearted lacking courage or conviction; timid.
faintly in a faint way; dimly, weakly, or very quietly. [2 definitions]