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flash burn damage to body tissue from extreme radiated heat, esp. from a nuclear explosion.
flashcard any of a set of cards bearing words, numbers, or pictures, flashed briefly before a student or class to prompt a quick response in a drill.
flashcube a small, disposable cube with four flashbulbs that attaches to a camera and is automatically turned after each picture is taken.
flasher a mechanism that causes an electric light to go on and off automatically. [2 definitions]
flash flood a sudden and violent flood following an esp. heavy rainfall.
flashing sheet metal or other material used to reinforce and weatherproof building joints.
flash in the pan one who succeeds brilliantly for a brief time only.
flashlight a hand-held, usu. battery-powered lamp.
flash point the lowest temperature at which a combustible liquid will give a flash of light when heat is applied. [2 definitions]
flashy brilliant or impressive on the surface or for a short time only. [2 definitions]
flask a rounded or cone-shaped bottle with a narrow neck that sometimes widens at the top, often with a fitted top or stopper. [2 definitions]
flat1 having a horizontal surface. [17 definitions]
flat2 (chiefly British) a group of connected rooms forming a residence on one floor; apartment.
flatbed a truck or trailer having a flat or shallow platform with no sides or top as its body.
flatboat a flat-bottomed boat used for transporting goods on shallow waters.
flatcar a railroad car having a flat platform with no walls or roof.
flatfish any member of an order of mainly saltwater fishes, such as the sole, halibut, or flounder, whose adult bodies are flat with both eyes on the upper side.
flatfoot a condition of the foot in which the arch is flattened.
flatfooted pertaining to or having flat feet. [2 definitions]
Flathead any member of several Indian tribes in the northwest United States, esp. a Salishan tribe of Montana.
flatiron a flat-bottomed iron that is heated and used to press clothes.