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flesh the soft tissue beneath the skin and surrounding the bones of an animal or human body, including muscle and fat. [9 definitions]
flesh-colored having the color of human skin, often a Caucasian's skin.
flesh fly any of various flies that deposit their eggs or larvae in dead or living animal flesh.
fleshly relating to the physical body; physical. [2 definitions]
fleshpot (usu. pl.) a place that offers physical, usu. carnal, pleasures.
flesh wound a wound that does not damage vital organs or bones.
fleshy having an abundance of flesh or fat. [2 definitions]
fleur-de-lis an iris. [2 definitions]
flew a past tense of fly1.
flex to bend, often repeatedly. [3 definitions]
flexibility the capability of bending easily, or being bent easily, and not breaking.
flexible easily bent or able to bend without breaking; pliable. [3 definitions]
flexion the act of contracting the flexor muscles, or the condition of having these muscles contracted; flexing; bending.
flexitime variant of flextime.
flexor a muscle that flexes or bends a limb or other body part.
flextime an arrangement by which workers have some freedom to choose their own work hours.
flexuous having many curves or bends; sinuous.
flexure the act or an instance of bending. [3 definitions]
flibbertigibbet a foolish, flighty, or talkative person.
flick a sharp, light blow or stroke, as with a finger, brush, whip, or the like. [6 definitions]
flicker1 to burn or cast light in an unsteady, jerky manner. [5 definitions]