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genitive of, relating to, or denoting a grammatical case that usu. indicates possession, source, or other such relationship. [3 definitions]
genitourinary of or concerning the organs of sexual reproduction and urination.
genius extraordinary power of intellect, esp. as shown in artistic or scientific work. [5 definitions]
genocide the intentional attempt to exterminate all members of a certain race, nationality, or ethnic group.
genome a complete, single set of chromosomes.
genotype the genetic makeup of a living creature. (Cf. phenotype.) [2 definitions]
-genous generating; yielding; producing. [2 definitions]
genre a particular type, sort, or category. [3 definitions]
genre painting a kind of painting in which everyday subjects or scenes are treated realistically.
gens in ancient Rome, a patrilineal clan having a common name and worshiping a common ancestor. [2 definitions]
gent (informal) a man; gentleman.
genteel displaying traits such as refinement and politeness that are traditionally associated with wealth and education. [2 definitions]
gentian any of a large variety of European and American plants that bear colorful, usu. blue or yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
gentile (sometimes cap.) a person who is not Jewish, esp. a Christian. [4 definitions]
gentility the quality or state of one who is genteel; refinement of manners and behavior. [2 definitions]
gentle possessing a kind or generous disposition; tender; sweet. [7 definitions]
gentlefolk people of good family and breeding, usu. of high social standing.
gentleman a courteous and honorable man. [4 definitions]
gentleman-farmer a wealthy man who farms for pleasure rather than for income.
gentlemanly like, characteristic of, or befitting a gentleman; well-mannered.
gentlemen's agreement an unwritten agreement that is binding through the parties' pledge of honor but not enforceable by law. [2 definitions]