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goatee a small beard on a man's chin, often trimmed to a tuft or point and resembling the beard of a goat.
goatherd a person who herds or tends goats.
goatskin the hide or skin of a goat, esp. as used for leather. [2 definitions]
goatsucker any of several mostly nocturnal birds that have large mouths and feed on insects or fruit, such as the whippoorwill and nightjar.
gob1 a rounded mass or lump. [2 definitions]
gob2 (informal) a sailor in the U.S. Navy.
go back on to retract (a promise, statement, or decision).
go back to the drawing board to start at the very beginning again; begin anew.
gobbet a piece or fragment, esp. of raw meat. [2 definitions]
gobble1 to eat in a hasty, greedy, and sometimes noisy manner. [3 definitions]
gobble2 to make a chortling, throaty sound like that of a turkey. [2 definitions]
gobbledygook wordy, unclear language, with roundabout expressions and generally meaningless phrases.
gobbler1 a male turkey.
gobbler2 a person or thing that gobbles or consumes food or drink quickly and voraciously.
Gobelin of, like, or designating a tapestry, usu. a richly pictorial one, made at a factory in France that was established in the fifteenth century by a family of dyers and weavers. [2 definitions]
go-between one who acts as a messenger or mediator between two people, groups, or sides.
Gobi a desert in northern China and southwestern Mongolia.
Gobi Desert a large arid region in northern China and southwestern Mongolia.
goblet a drinking glass with a base and stem, used esp. for wine.
goblin in folklore and fairy tales, a small, ugly creature that does evil or mischief to humans.
gobo a dark screen used to reduce the amount of light that reaches a motion picture or television camera lens. [2 definitions]