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haggis a Scottish dish made of sheep or calf organs that are minced, mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasonings, and boiled in the animal's stomach.
haggle to bargain or argue over petty differences in price, terms, or point of view. [2 definitions]
hagio- saint; holy.
hagiographer one who writes or has written biographies of saints.
hagiography a biography, or biographies, of a saint or saints. [2 definitions]
hagiology literature describing the lives of saints. [2 definitions]
hagridden worried, harassed, or obsessed, esp. by fears.
hah variant of ha.
hahnium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has 105 protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Ha)
Haida a member of an American Indian tribe of British Columbia and Alaska. [2 definitions]
haiku a Japanese verse form of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively, or any poem written in this form.
hail1 to salute or greet. [7 definitions]
hail2 pellets of frozen rain or a storm of such pellets. [5 definitions]
hail from to have as one's place of origin or residence; come from.
Hail Mary see Ave Maria.
hailstone a single pellet of hail.
hailstorm a storm or shower accompanied by hail.
hair any of the single, thin, thread-like strands that grow from the skin of mammals. [4 definitions]
hairbreadth extremely close or narrow. [2 definitions]
hairbrush a brush used to groom and arrange the hair.
haircloth a stiff fabric of animal hairs, esp. horsehair woven with cotton, and used for upholstery and interlining.