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hema- see hemo-.
hemacytometer see hemocytometer.
he-man (informal) a strong, virile, or masterful man.
hem and haw to avoid speaking directly or frankly; speak evasively or unresponsively.
hematic of, concerning, containing, or affecting blood.
hematite a steel-gray or darkish red mineral that is the main form of iron ore, iron oxide.
hemato- blood.
hematoblast an immature blood cell.
hematocrit a centrifuge used to separate the cells of the blood from the plasma and thus determine the relative volume of each.
hematology the scientific study of blood and the organs that form it.
hematoma a swelling or tumor filled with blood.
heme a red, nonprotein, iron-containing substance present in hemoglobin.
hemeralopia a defect of the eyes in which sight is normal in a dim light, but extremely poor in a bright light; day blindness.
hemi- half.
hemidemisemiquaver in music, a sixty-fourth note.
hemihedral of a crystal, having only half the faces necessary for complete symmetry.
hemihydrate a hydrate that has twice as many molecules of the anhydrous compound as of water.
hemimetabolous not going through a complete metamorphosis, as certain insects that do not go through a pupal stage.
hemiparasite a parasite that obtains some of its sustenance, or sustains itself some of the time, on its own.
hemiplegia paralysis of just one side of the body.
hemipteran of or belonging to a family of insects that have sucking mouth parts and forewings that are leathery near the base.