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hepatoma cancer of or from the liver.
Hephaestus in Greek mythology, the god of fire and metalworking; Vulcan.
Hepplewhite of or concerning a furniture style of late eighteenth-century Europe and America, featuring graceful curves.
hepta- seven.
heptachlor an insoluble waxy solid used as an insecticide.
heptad a group or series of seven.
heptagon a polygon with seven sides and seven angles.
heptameter a line or unit of verse consisting of seven metrical feet or measures.
heptane a flammable hydrocarbon distilled from petroleum and used in products such as fuels and solvents.
heptarchy a government or state controlled by seven persons. [2 definitions]
heptastich a poem or poetic unit with seven verses or lines.
heptavalent having a chemical valence of seven.
her the female person or animal already mentioned (considered as an object of a verb or preposition). [2 definitions]
Hera in Greek mythology, the wife and sister of Zeus and goddess of marriage; Juno.
Heraclitus a Greek philosopher (550?-480? B.C.).
herald a person who conveys or announces official news; messenger. [4 definitions]
heraldic of or pertaining to heraldry or heralds.
heraldry the study of genealogies and coats of arms. [3 definitions]
herb a flowering plant whose stem is soft rather than woody and which dies at the end of a growing season. [3 definitions]
herbaceous pertaining to or characteristic of an herb, esp. having a soft nonwoody stem.
herbage green, soft-stemmed vegetation, esp. as used for grazing. [2 definitions]