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hesitate to refrain momentarily from carrying out some action; pause in uncertainty. [2 definitions]
hesitation the act or state of hesitating.
Hessian any of the German mercenaries that served with the British during the American Revolution.
Hessian fly a small fly, the larvae of which infest and consume the stems of grasses, wheat, and other grain plants.
hetaera in ancient Greek society, a female paramour or concubine, often a member of a class of educated slaves or cultured companions. [2 definitions]
hetero- different; other.
heterocyclic of or involving chemical compounds whose molecules are rings of carbon atoms with at least one atom of another element. [2 definitions]
heterodox deviating from an officially approved belief or doctrine, esp. in religion. [2 definitions]
heterodoxy the fact or condition of being heterodox. [2 definitions]
heterodyne of or designating a merging or method of merging two frequencies such that the resulting frequency equals the sum of or difference between the two, often accomplished by the modification of an incoming signal by a receiver. [3 definitions]
heterogamete either of a pair of uniting gametes, such as an ovum or a sperm, that differs from its mate in size, structure, activity, sex, or the like. (Cf. isogamete.)
heterogamous characterized by having, or reproducing by the union of, unlike gametes. [3 definitions]
heterogeneous made up of parts or members that differ from each other. (Cf. homogeneous.) [2 definitions]
heterogynous having two kinds of females, one capable of reproduction and the other not, as ants and bees.
heteronym a word that is spelled the same as another but has a different pronunciation and meaning, such as "tear," meaning "to rip," and "tear," meaning the liquid discharge from the eye.
heteroplasty plastic surgery that uses grafts of tissue from another individual or species.
heterosexual sexually attracted only to those of the opposite sex. [3 definitions]
heth the name of the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
hetman a leader or chief of a band or group of Cossacks; ataman.
heuristic of, pertaining to, or consisting of education derived from empirical study and practical experience. [3 definitions]
hew to cut off or cut down with, or as though with, an ax. [4 definitions]