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heteroplasty plastic surgery that uses grafts of tissue from another individual or species.
heterosexual sexually attracted only to those of the opposite sex. [3 definitions]
heth the name of the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
hetman a leader or chief of a band or group of Cossacks; ataman.
heuristic of, pertaining to, or consisting of education derived from empirical study and practical experience. [3 definitions]
hew to cut off or cut down with, or as though with, an ax. [4 definitions]
hex to put a spell or curse on, by means of witchcraft; put a hex on. [2 definitions]
hexa- six.
hexachlorophene a white, nearly odorless powder used in medicine and cosmetics to inhibit or eliminate bacteria.
hexagon a flat closed figure with six sides.
hexagonal of, pertaining to, or being a six-sided figure.
hexagram a starlike figure with six points made by superimposing two equilateral triangles such that each side of one triangle intersects one side and is parallel to another side of the other triangle. [2 definitions]
hexahedron a polyhedron or solid object having six flat faces.
hexameter a line of poetry with six metrical units or feet.
hexapod any insect. [2 definitions]
hey used to draw attention or to show surprise, mild delight, or annoyance.
heyday the time of maximum influence, power, or success; prime.
Hf symbol of the chemical element hafnium.
Hg symbol of the chemical element mercury.
H.G. Wells British author and social critic, born Herman George Wells, celebrated for developing the genre of science fiction.
HI abbreviation of "Hawaii," a North Pacific island state of the United States.