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Hobbamock member of the Wampanoag Indian tribe of North America who had a special status as a counselor to the tribe's chief, Chief Massasoit, and as an interpreter for English colonists living alongside the tribe in Plymouth Colony in the 1620s.
hobble to walk awkwardly, unsteadily, or with difficulty; limp. [6 definitions]
hobby1 an interest or activity that one pursues in one's leisure time, for pleasure.
hobby2 a small European falcon, formerly used to catch smaller game birds.
hobbyhorse a child's toy with an imitation horse's head at the end of a long stick, which the child pretends to ride. [3 definitions]
hobgoblin an ugly, mischievous, or troublesome elf, sprite, or goblin. [2 definitions]
hobnail a short nail with a wide head, used on the soles of heavy shoes or boots to protect against wear.
hobnob to keep company socially; associate on friendly and familiar terms, esp. with one's superiors.
hobo a poor and homeless wanderer who often begs, scavenges, or steals for a living; tramp. [2 definitions]
Hobson's choice the illusion of a free choice; choice of one thing or nothing.
Ho Chi Minh a Vietnamese political leader and president of North Vietnam in 1954-69 (b.1890--d.1969).
Ho Chi Minh City a seaport in southern Vietnam, formerly Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam.
hock1 the portion of the hind leg of a horse, cow, or the like that corresponds to the human ankle. [4 definitions]
hock2 to leave (something) temporarily in exchange for money borrowed, until such time as the money is repaid; pawn. [2 definitions]
hockey a sport played on ice, in which two teams of six skating players each try to drive a puck into each other's goal using angled hockey sticks; ice hockey. [2 definitions]
hockshop (informal) a pawnbroker's place of business.
hocus to defraud, hoax, or hoodwink. [3 definitions]
hocus-pocus meaningless or nonsensical words or phrases repeated by magicians. [2 definitions]
hod a tray set crosswise on top of a long handle, used for carrying bricks, mortar, or the like.
hodgepodge a confused, disorderly mixture or mess of diverse things; jumble.
Hodgkin's disease a progressive, sometimes fatal disease in which the lymph tissues, spleen, and kidneys become enlarged or inflamed.