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hoi polloi the masses or common people (usu. used as a term of contempt).
hoisin sauce a sweet rich dark sauce of fermented rice, soy beans, vinegar, and seasonings, used esp. in or on Chinese dishes.
hoist to lift or haul up, esp. by mechanical means. [3 definitions]
hoist by one's own petard caught or defeated by one's own traps or schemes.
hoity-toity affecting superiority; self-important, pompous, or haughty. [3 definitions]
hokey (slang) obnoxiously sentimental. [2 definitions]
hokey-pokey trickery; nonsense; hocus-pocus.
hokum (informal) nonsense or absurdity; bunk or claptrap. [2 definitions]
hold1 to have or contain within one's hand or hands. [18 definitions]
hold2 the storage space in the hull of a ship.
hold a brief for to support or defend, as with words (usu. used in the negative).
holder anything that serves the purpose of holding. [2 definitions]
holdfast any device used to attach a thing to a surface, such as a clamp, nail, or hook. [2 definitions]
holding the act of one that holds. [2 definitions]
holding company a corporation that controls other companies, either partially or totally, by ownership of their stock.
holding pattern the flying pattern of an aircraft while it awaits clearance to land at an airport.
hold on to wait. [2 definitions]
hold one's breath to wait with great anticipation.
hold one's horses to be patient, calm, or restrained.
hold one's own to maintain a position equal to that of another.
hold one's peace to stay quiet; not speak.