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hollowware tableware, esp. silver serving dishes, that is relatively hollow or concave.
holly any of various shrubs on trees that bear small white flowers, bright red berries, and have shiny dark green leaves with prickly edges. [2 definitions]
hollyhock a widely cultivated plant that has tall showy stalks covered with flowers.
Hollywood a section of Los Angeles that is often considered to be the center of the U.S. film industry or to represent the industry's values, lifestyle, or the like.
Hollywood bed a bed consisting of a mattress and box spring that rests on a metal frame or low legs, and often having a headboard.
holmium a chemical element of the rare-earth group that contains sixty-seven protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Ho)
holm oak an oak native to southern Europe with prickly evergreen leaves that resemble holly.
holo- entire; whole.
holocaust an extensive or thorough destruction or devastation, esp. by fire. [3 definitions]
Holocene of, relating to, or designating the latest geological epoch of the Quaternary Period that includes the present and began approximately 10 thousand years ago, marked by the development of modern human culture; Recent. [2 definitions]
hologram a three-dimensional photograph produced by a laser beam reflected off an object onto film.
holograph entirely handwritten by the author. [2 definitions]
holography the technique or process of producing holograms.
holozoic feeding on organic materials, as do most animals.
Holstein any of a black-and-white breed of dairy cow originating in northern Holland. [2 definitions]
holster a case for a small handgun, pistol, or tool, usu. made of leather and attached to a belt.
holy being worthy of worship or reverence as a part of or symbol of God, according to religious authority; sacred. [4 definitions]
Holy Alliance the 1815 alliance of Austria, Prussia, and Russia, which was formed to stifle European democratic movements.
Holy Ark in Judaism, a cabinet or enclosure in a synagogue, where the scrolls of the Torah are kept.
Holy Bible see Bible.
Holy Communion any of various Christian rites in which bread and wine are consecrated and distributed as the body and blood of Jesus Christ, or as representations thereof. [2 definitions]