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homogenous having a similar structure because of developing from the same origin.
homograph a word that has the same spelling as another but a different origin and meaning.
homologize to cause or demonstrate to be homologous. [2 definitions]
homologous corresponding structurally, often because of a common evolutionary origin.
homology the state, condition, or quality of being homologous. [2 definitions]
homolosine projection a map of the earth's surface, characterized by accurate representation of the continents that results in some distortion of the oceans.
homomorphism similarity or resemblance of size, form, or appearance.
homonym a word pronounced and often spelled the same as another but having a different meaning.
homophile a homosexual person. [2 definitions]
homophobia an extreme fear or hatred of homosexuals or homosexuality.
homophone a word that sounds the same as another but has a different meaning and often a different spelling.
homophonic having the same sound. [2 definitions]
homopteran a homopterous insect.
homopterous of or belonging to a group of insects that includes the cicadas and aphids.
Homo sapiens the scientific name for human beings or for mankind in general.
homosexual of, relating to, or exhibiting sexual attraction toward others of the same sex as oneself. [2 definitions]
homunculus a little human or dwarf; midget.
homy variant of homey.
Hon. abbreviation of "Honorable," a title of respect and consideration.
honcho (slang) a leader; boss; big shot.
Honduras a Central American country between Guatemala and Nicaragua.