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hub the rotating center part of a wheel or similar device to which other parts, such as spokes, are connected. [2 definitions]
Hubbard squash a winter squash that has a yellow or green rind and yellow flesh.
hubbub a confusing mix of loud sounds, esp. voices; uproar. [2 definitions]
hubby (informal) husband.
hubcap a removable round metal cover over the hub of a motor vehicle wheel.
hubris the pride associated with arrogance; pride considered as sin.
huckaback a coarse, durable, and absorbent linen or cotton fabric, used esp. for toweling.
huckleberry any of various low berry-bearing shrubs common in North America and related to the blueberry plant. [2 definitions]
Huckleberry Finn the protagonist and title character of a late nineteenth-century novel by Mark Twain.
huckster (informal) one who writes advertising or promotional material, often of an extravagant or misleading type. [4 definitions]
HUD abbreviation of "Housing and Urban Development."
huddle to gather in a small, close group. [8 definitions]
Hudson seal muskrat fur that is dyed and sheared to look like seal.
hue1 any of the variations of color that occur at points on the spectrum; color as distinguished from shades of gray. [3 definitions]
hue2 a clamor or outcry, as of pursuit. (See hue and cry.)
hue and cry a public outcry of alarm, protest, or the like.
huevos rancheros (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a Mexican dish of fried eggs topped with a spicy tomato sauce and often other ingredients.
huff a state of resentment or bad temper; offended, angry mood. [3 definitions]
huffy easily irritated or quickly offended; touchy; sulky. [2 definitions]
hug to enfold or squeeze affectionately with the arms; embrace. [5 definitions]
huge of extremely large weight, size, or extent.